Andrea Jaeger
Little Star Foundation

"Blessings to you, Rich, and hope to catch up with you one of these days - Terrific work you are doing!"


"I look forward to every issue of TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS. I love the way it is organized so I can quickly get to the stories I am most interested in and I love that so much is covered in every issue."

Desi McBride
Director of Tennis,
The Paseo Club

Angel Lopez
Director of Tennis
San Diego Tennis and Racquet Club
"I look forward to reading the WTATP Tour Notes every week. Being on tennis court teaching everyday I love keeping up-to-date on what's happening out there on the tour"

"I thought I would drop you a note with a couple of comments on Tennis Club Business newsletter. I love the format. It is organized and quick to read. You can pick the articles you like and read about the topic in depth.

You definitely keep me 'connected' to the tennis business and to what is happening at tennis facilities. I miss seeing many of my old friends in the business. Tennis Club Business brings back some great memories. Keep up the great work!"

Jim Baugh
PHIT America
Former GM / VP,
Wilson Sporting Goods Racquet Sports Division
Former President,
Tennis Industry Association











Stan Smith
Former world no.1 and 2-time Grand Slam Champion
Stan Smith Events

"I read every issue of Tennis Club Business. It is the best way to keep up with the latest industry news."




"If you ask me who are those who love to PLAY tennis the most of anyone I met, my top two would be Rosewall and Vilas. Now ask who loves the business of tennis and that's equally easy. Rich Neher. He makes it enjoyable, relevant and concise."

Cliff Drysdale
Tennis Commentator on
Cliff Drysdale Tennis

Steve Riggs
Dir. of Tennis
City of Irvine





"I look forward to receiving Tennis Club Business every month, I enjoy reading the informative articles concerning tennis, Rich has become known as "Mr. Tennis" - a very appropriate nickname for him. Rich is a great writer, he's done a tremendous job promoting the game of tennis."

"I have known Rich Neher for a decade. If you want a good engineer… don't call Rich. If need a great supply chain analyst….. don't call Rich. But you need anything done in tennis….call, write, tweet or whatever form of communication you use to get him involved. In tennis he is the goto of goto guys. When you need one of those 1 + 1 = 10 types of scenarios…. call Rich.

His knowledge of the game, the business and the So Cal marketplace is second to none. His rolodex from pro players, to business icons, club players is second to none. Rich is a spider web of relationships and tennis connectivity. And he is a talented purveyor of that connectivity.

In an industry challenged to find rock stars….Rich is our Jim Morrison."

Steve Bellamy

The Tennis Channel, The Ski Channel,
The Surf Channel

Motion Picture and Entertainment, Kodak

























The Late
Vic Braden
Legendary Tennis Coach and Tennis Researcher













"Rich Neher has worked efficiently in nearly every tennis arena. His intuitive nature helps him generate unique opportunities for all tennis organizations.
I have been impressed with Rich's ability to help tennis clubs grow memberships. And his knowledge of marketing procedures bids well for all tennis organizations attempting to make a giant leap in their business."

"I have known Rich since the fall of 2007 during his employment with Active. In his role at the Active company I interacted with him through the USTA's League Program.

It became quickly apparent that Rich was passionate about tennis and quickly learned the complexities of the NTRP Rating Program. He excelled in his customer service to players and coordinators and he is very proficient in his written and verbal communication skills. I found him consistent, dependable and accurate in whatever situation in which we were interacting.

In addition, his knowledge of social media through applications such as Facebook and Twitter is unmatched. He knows how to use these applications to "make things happen."


Director of Adult Tennis Division
USTA / Midwest Section




























Benny Ricardo

Former NFL player
CBS Sports, San Diego radio and television personality














"I have had the great pleasure of knowing Rich Neher now for over ten years. I met Rich when I was a member of the media in San Diego and I was invited to take part in Rich’s genius creation, The San Diego Tennis Network.

Rich is so passionate about tennis and you can tell he just loves the game. In a sport where love means nothing, I love the way Rich approaches his tennis, he is simply, the best."

"Rich, with his company, which is under contract with the USTA, supervises the important connections betwixt us and our members who want to register for events, review their rankings and enter tennis tournaments. And, I must say he does his job in an outstanding manner; with ease and poise.

On a personal note, I know Rich is neat in appearance, authoritative without being overbearing and personable. Add these attributes to his problem solving skills and technical competence and he presents a very complete package."

The Late Henry Talbert

Executive Director, Southern California Tennis Association


















David Schobel

Former Director, USTA Competitive Play








"Rich is a great problem solver. He will look you in the eye and is an honest, caring and wonderful person. I freely and adamantly am a supporter of Rich. Finally, here's a gentleman who, if he only has fifty percent of the skill set you are seeking will learn the other fifty percent and make anyone's company a better place than he found it."